#1 Liberties and freedom in Nepal by GibsonJack 07.12.2022 03:57

In terms of political and civil liberties, Nepal is 2nd. Citizens in Nepal experience partial freedom. While the majority of citizens in Nepal are able to exercise their free will to some extent, some political engagement may be limited and certain population groups may be barred from certain freedoms or expressions of opinion. The companies of Nepal are 4 in terms of economic freedom. The citizens of Nepal are considered to be largely unfree when it comes to their economic decisions. The government has complete control over the majority of businesses and there is a high level of corruption in the economy. For these reasons, this country is considered unsafe for foreign investment as lenders may not exercise complete control over their own financial decisions. In terms of journalistic freedom, the media of Nepal is in a 3. In Nepal, journalists face a difficult situation. Censorship is widespread and media not favored by the ruling authorities can be banned.

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